5 Ways to Replace Your Missing Teeth

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When something is broken we fix it, and if something is missing we replace it. That quote sound very familiar to a lot of us. This concept is the same as missing a tooth. When there is a missing tooth or if you have recently extracted a tooth, there are many ways to replace them. First of all, you would be wondering why we should replace missing teeth in the first place.

To be frank, a missing tooth is not life-threatening, but leaving a tooth without replacing it can cause severe complications which can impact our health in the near future. So today in smileway dental clinic usj we would love to share with you the 5 popular ways you can replace missing teeth. There are many other ways, but these are the most common ways to do so. However just keep in mind that the most expensive way to replace a missing tooth does not mean the best option, in fact, it depends on the condition of your oral hygiene and the state of your health and teeth. Listed below are some of the popular ways you can replace a missing tooth.

Dental Implant

  1. First of all, if you are looking for ways to replace your missing teeth. We would always recommend having Dental Implants as your first choice. This is because Dental implants have a high success rate and it can last a long time. Dental implants are basically a fixture (the implant) embedded into the bone to support the prosthesis. In another word, dental implants are locked into the jawbone to support a single tooth or multiple teeth. Through time the bone will form a tough connection towards the dental implant making it very stable. These implants can be made up of titanium or ceramic, and the prices can vary due to the quality of the dental implants provided by your dentist. (https://smileway.my/services/dental-implant/)– Click to find out more

Dental Bridge

  1. If dental implants are not suitable. Usually replacing missing teeth with dental bridge would be another option. And unlike dentures where we have to remove it and clean it all the time, dental bridge is fixed to the teeth making it easier and comfortable to eat. The materials can be made up of Metal, Porcelains, or even ceramics. The drawback for dental bridge is that it requires adjacent teeth to support the missing teeth. The supporting teeth would need to be trimmed in order to support the missing teeth. If there aren’t any teeth or the supporting teeth are not strong, a dental bridge is not suitable. (https://smileway.my/services/crown-bridges/) – Click to find out more

Dentures: Cobalt Chrome, Acrylic, Valplast

  1. Dentures are another way to replace missing teeth. Consider this as the last choice of treatment to replace missing teeth. This is because dentures can be uncomfortable sometimes and would need to be changed every 5 years. Using dentures for a long period of time and not taken care of it, can cause harm to other healthy teeth. You would need to remove the dentures every night before bed to clean it. There are many types of materials, starting from metal (Cobalt Chrome) to acrylic to nylon materials. (https://smileway.my/services/dentures/) – Click to find out more

Resin bonded Bridge

  1. Resin bonded Bridge can be used as a temporary or semi-permanent way to restore missing teeth. Resin bonded bridge is almost like a dental bridge but without trimming so much of the supporting teeth. The materials used here are not as strong as metal, porcelain or even ceramic, as the bridge is made up of composites. Usually, this is done to replace 1 missing tooth, especially for the front tooth. Sometimes fiber splints are used to attach the supporting teeth to the missing tooth to allow better strength. The advantage to this technique is that it can be done in a single dental visit, however, it is not recommended to use a resin bonded bridge to replace missing teeth at the back of the jaw.

Tooth Autotransplantation

  1. Although this technique is seldom used, there are times where a tooth can be taken out from one side to replace it on another side. For example, a wisdom tooth can be extracted to be implanted in a different location in your jaw. The wisdom tooth can be implanted back into a molar region. This requires good technique and it cannot be done in all cases. The success rate of this autotransplantation depends on the surgical technique and also your medical conditions.

Well, these are the most common ways to replace missing teeth. In smileway dental clinic usj we recommend to always consider Dental implants before others in replace missing teeth. Different situation can have different outcome, and what works for one person might not work in another. That is why it is best to have your teeth checked by a dentist and get their recommendations before making final decision.

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