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  • Always brush your dentures thoroughly before soaking, to remove plaque and food debris. Brush using soft-bristle toothbrush with dishwashing liquid or denture cleanser.
  • Brush all surfaces of the denture well. Rinse with room temperature water.
  • Handle your dentures carefully. Be sure you don’t bend or damage the plastic or the metal clasps when cleaning.
  • Soak your denture overnight with warm water to keep them in shape as they need to be moist. Never soak with hot water. Don’t let your denture dry out. Dryness causes it to lose their shape and become more brittle.
  • Rinse dentures thoroughly before putting them back in your mouth, especially if using a denture-soaking solution.
  • Avoid sticky and hard food like crab shells, bones or ice while using your denture.
  • Always clean your mouth, tongue and gum after removing your denture.
  • Visit your dentist at least every 6 months regarding your teeth and your denture.

In Smileway Dental Clinic USJ and Smileway Dental Clinic Setapak we take care of your smile because we believe in “Creating Smiles That Matters” in your life. Take care everyone. To know more about denture care, do not hesitate to contact us and get an appointment for a consultation.


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Stella Yeap
Stella Yeap
Good dental clinic and good Doctor and nurses
Siew Jing Loh
Siew Jing Loh
Very gentle doctor and resonable Price 👍👍
Malcolm Elliott
Malcolm Elliott
After 25 years of trying to find a good dentist in KL have finally found one that is well equiped, knowledgable, skilled and good value. Lovely staff. The only downside is the parking but if you park ay MainPlace and walk across then it’s easy. Update 2022…I am still using this excellent dentist as they remain the best I have experienced over the past 26 years… Dentists, nurses, reception and equipment all top notch… Highly recommended.
Syabas Saga
Syabas Saga
Valerie Choong
Valerie Choong
Highly recommend Dr Edwin! He is a very patient and gentle. Tip top service.
Mc Tech Solutions
Mc Tech Solutions
Calm & Done, Smileway have My 5Star
Mohammad Fazri Mohd Fatimi -
Mohammad Fazri Mohd Fatimi –
Friendly staff and Dr. Edwin Kok was very gentle when doing the treatment. Highly recommended!!!

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