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CAVITY: Cavities refer to tooth decay, which occur when the bacteria builds up acid in mouth and start to dissolve the enamel layer and it’s underlying layer , the dentin.

Root decay :
Occur when the cavities form on the root surfaces of teeth.
Common type among older adults, who more likely have gum disorder including receding gums.

Smooth- surfaces :
Occurs on the outside flat surfaces of the teeth.
Commonly found on the sides of the mouth and also between the teeth.
The slowest of the cavities to develop an the least common.
Usually this cavities can be problem for people who don’t practice good dental hygiene.


Root decay :
To treat root cavities, must start to remove the decay and fill the cavity with a filling.
If the decay already spread to the pulp, the root canal treatment are usually needed.
If the root canal required or the cavity is large, a crown may be recommended.

Pit and fissure :
If this cavity found early, pit and fissure cavities can be treated with sealants or some types of fluoride.
If the cavity becomes deeper, will need to remove the decay and repair the tooth with fillings or possibly root canal treatment and crown.
Fillings typically work well for smaller cavity, but large pit and fissure cavities often require root canal treatment and crown because the tooth decay very deep or the remaining tooth structure is too weak.

Smooth –surfaces :
This cavity is the easiest for any dentist to treat. It will be resolve with the help of fluoride treatment such as gels, toothpaste, varnish or fluoride-enriched water.
If found in between the teeth, fluoride treatments often help unless the cavity has entered the tooth dentin layer in this case filling is necessary.


Brush and flossing daily :-
This will help to reduce the amount of dental plaque and bacteria in your mouth.
Preferably, brush after each meal and before going to bed.

Use of fluoride toothpaste :-
Fluoride helps to harden tooth enamel and reduces your risk of decay.

Rinse your mouth :-
Using antibacterial mouth rinse to reduce the leves of bacteria that causes cavities.
Rinse with fluoride-containing mouthwash that have antiseptic can help to kill bacteria that causes dental plaque.

Avoid frequent snacking or sipping :-
Food acids soften tooth material and dissolve the mineral in tooth enamel.
Bacteria in dental plaque change sugar into acids.
The snack can help your mouth bacteria create acids that can destroy tooth enamel and your teeth under constant attack.

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luffy 93
luffy 93
good dentist..Dr.Lisa did my scaling..after scaling my teeth is cleaner compared to my previous dental clinic..recommended..will come again..😃👍
Jennifer Khoo
Jennifer Khoo
The response from time of my asking for an appointment (though last minute) was handled well. Staff was ensuring that if I couldn't make the 5pm appointed time then she offered to reschedule. So I did for the next day. Dr Edwin was super nice and gave options to see that my swollen due to infection gum was treated with care. I only visit this clinic because of its professionalism. Cheers guys and keep up the great job ! Thanks.
ida ida
ida ida
Jialing Yao
Jialing Yao
Dr. Edwin is a good and very patient dentist. The staff there is also very helpful.
Francis Lim
Francis Lim
People with dental phobia like me have an awareness that the fear is totally irrational, but with extensive experience in the field of dentistry, Dr Lisa provides efficient and compassionate patient care. I just had my tooth extraction this morning and it was painless.... Furthermore Dr Lisa are very attentive and explain things very thoroughly without pushing for unnecessary treatment. Thank you so much Dr Lisa 🙏
My regular clinic, Dr Edwin is very patient and professional. Nurse all so friendly and helpful.
Hamid BestRate
Hamid BestRate
The Dr's are very good and friendly.
Henry KK
Henry KK
Got a bridge and implant done by Dr Jon this year. Still holding up, looking forward to next and hopefully final treatment for missing tooth. Flexible payment terms and polite staff. Give them a try if you haven't.
Selvena Jeslinda Kaur
Selvena Jeslinda Kaur
Smileway service is great and makes you really comfortable with its services & the Dr. Treatment.. even with my last minute tooth problem they were willing to slot me in. Thank you Smileway for giving me back my smile..🙏😍😁
khairul ashraf kamarudin
khairul ashraf kamarudin
Having great experience so far. The doctor are very attentive and explain things very thoroughly without pushing for unncesssary treatment. The clinic is well lit and very clean👍👍. It is on the first and second so it will be a bit hard if you have a bad leg.

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