How To Stop Bleeding Gums

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In life, we are always finding ways to prevent and to solve things that comes in our way. When we have a problem, we tend to find a solution for it because if the problem doesn’t get resolved we will end up having more difficulties, which will have impact in our lives. We don’t want that to happen so we seek the best solution for our problems. That concept is the same as having bleeding gums. If you are suffering from bleeding gums it is best to seek a dentist for help because there are many reasons for bleeding gums. If the root cause of the bleeding gum is not resolved then more diseases will arise, making treatment more difficult and also costly. You are in luck, because today in Smileway Dental Clinic Malaysia, we will be raising the issue of bleeding gums and also how to prevent it. If you have bleeding gums, by all means do visit your dentist, but these prevention measurements will still help you.

Bleeding gums can be due to many reasons, but these are the main cause:

● Brushing your teeth too hard, or using hard toothbrush.

● Having gingivitis, a disease that cause inflammation of the gums.

● Calculus or tartar that is surrounding the teeth (the yellowish stone looking like deposits around the teeth.).

● Some medication like blood thinners can cause your gums to bleed even with minor trauma

● Trauma to your gums due to foreign objects.

● Dentures that don’t fit well or damaging to the gums.

● Pregnancy gingivitis (Due to hormonal changes, sometimes the gums can bleed)

● Uncontrolled Diabetes, High blood pressure, Dengue, Immunological diseases, Leukemia, thrombocytopenia, Hemophilia, all can cause gum bleeding.

● Infections and swelling of the gums

Although there are many reasons for bleeding gums, there are many ways to prevent it. Below are some of the ways you can practice in your life to reduce bleeding gums. Continue doing these and not only you will prevent bleeding gums but you will also have a healthier mouth.

Brush your teeth (soft toothbrush), floss, and use mouth wash (salt water is ok also). This will reduce the number of bad bacteria in your mouth that can cause bleeding gums.

Chew Sugarless Chewing Gum after food. By chewing sugarless chewing gum after food, you are taking food debris out in your mouth and also it helps promote salivary flow, which in turn helps reduce the number of bad bacteria in your mouth.

Go for Medical Check Up. Doing this every year will allow you to know more about your health and if there are any problems to fix.

Oil Pulling. This is a natural way to reduce bleeding in your mouth. By doing Oil Pulling using pure organic coconut oil will help reduce a lot of bad bacteria in your mouth.

Take more Dairy, Crunchy Foods, and Vegetables. This is best especially when young. Dairy food contains a lot of calcium to help strengthens your teeth and crunchy foods helps strengthen the structures around your teeth and also promotes blood flow giving more nutrients to your gums. Vegetables are low in sugar and high in water and fiber, which will help clean your teeth.

Take more Vitamin C and Fruits. taking vitamin C in your daily food supply will help prevent bleeding gums because some people may be vitamin c deficiency. Vitamin C helps improve our immune system therefore can help in preventing gums problems.

Repair or Replace your denture. Get your dentist to change or repair your old denture if bleeding gums is due to the denture. Best get something more permanently fix to replace those missing teeth.

Visit your Dentist Regularly. Lastly but not least visit your dentist regularly. If best every 6-8 months visit them, thus your dentist will clean all the dirt that is causing bleeding gums. Your Dentist will be able to identify all the problems that cause bleeding gums and treat them accordingly.

Well, there are many other ways to treat bleeding gums and how to prevent it. Most importantly is to visit your dentist so that they can advise you further. If you have any questions you can always call us here in Smileway Dental Clinic Malaysia and we will advise you accordingly. Meanwhile follow the prevention steps above, because it will help you.

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