Habits in Oral Health Care

By: Smileway Dental

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Sometimes have you ever wonder why we do the things we do?  And why do we repeatedly do the things we do in life? Why we continue to practice our daily needs in life? Well, this is because in our past, when we were young, we were thought to practice in the way we think it would be in normal lives. And since it is repeatedly being practiced it is programmed in our heads to do it automatically, meaning sub consciously. For example, you would greet at the person when the other person has greeted you first, you would smile back at the person who smiles back at you, you would wake up in the morning and brush your teeth, some of us would listen to music to relax before we can sleep, and many more.

You see, habits takes time to build on. What ever it is, bad or good habits, they build through time. Some bad habits would be drinking excessively, smoking, stealing, and harming others. Good habits would be like, good diet, regular exercise, good hygiene practice, sleeping early, and many more. So the habits in ourselves depends on the things we do in our lives. It is in our own minds and our own lives to control what you want to achieve in life, what you desire most, and your goals. We believe in good habits, and believe that good habits can be built, improved,  and passed on to others. Continuously doing the things you do every day in our lives will build on the habit. Just like Aristotle said:

​”We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
So I would say, lets look into our lives. If you want to build a good habit, train yourself to do it everyday. If you want to get rid of the bad habits, motivate yourself to do it. Find out what is the reason you want to build or stop the habit. Small things done everyday will have a great impact in your lives. Small things done everyday will build to become something big. The great wall does not build in one day, nor an empire can be build in one day. They are build with consistence practice and dedication. I say, look into your lives and build the good habits in yourself.

As many years in the dentistry field, I still see a lot of people with multiple diseases in their mouth. Some of them can be treated with just simple procedures, while others may be more complicated. If you want to keep your body and teeth healthy, it is good to build good oral hygiene habits.

Some of these good habits you can consider to build on. It is very important to brush your teeth, floss and even use the mouthwash to rinse your mouth twice a day. Consider having an apple a day, or having more fruits. After all they say “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Visit your dentist at least once a year for a dental check up, best if you can visit them twice every year. This is because there are so many disease in our mouth that can harm our body system. Even though you believe that you have nothing wrong with your mouth, it is still recommend to have a check up. Diseases in our mouth do not happen immediately, and they build through time. Have a dental check up regularly, your dentist can detect early signs of disease in your mouth, and take the necessary steps to prevent it. Diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, all can cause your gums and teeth to have lots of problems, and vice versa.

Have a habit smiling in your life. Build a great smile, practicing smiling to yourself. Do you know that research has said that smiling in your life lifts the positive emotions and goodness in your life. It brings the best in yourself and also to others. The importance of your smile is much more than you think. As you smile to others, they will smile back at you and the vicious cycle continue. Without knowing, by just a small gesture done everyday, you have already indirectly impacted so many people lives, making their lives better, as smiling is a chain reaction.  And thanks to you, you have already made the world a better place. And with that, I would like everyone to build good habits. Think about what good habits you would like to build. It could be considering practicing good health, good diet, smiling, and many more. What ever it is, build good habits and never give up. Do it everyday and believe in yourself. Like I like to say, “Small things done everyday, can build wonders.”

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Stella Yeap
Stella Yeap
Good dental clinic and good Doctor and nurses
Siew Jing Loh
Siew Jing Loh
Very gentle doctor and resonable Price 👍👍
Malcolm Elliott
Malcolm Elliott
After 25 years of trying to find a good dentist in KL have finally found one that is well equiped, knowledgable, skilled and good value. Lovely staff. The only downside is the parking but if you park ay MainPlace and walk across then it’s easy. Update 2022…I am still using this excellent dentist as they remain the best I have experienced over the past 26 years… Dentists, nurses, reception and equipment all top notch… Highly recommended.
Syabas Saga
Syabas Saga
Valerie Choong
Valerie Choong
Highly recommend Dr Edwin! He is a very patient and gentle. Tip top service.
Mc Tech Solutions
Mc Tech Solutions
Calm & Done, Smileway have My 5Star
Mohammad Fazri Mohd Fatimi -
Mohammad Fazri Mohd Fatimi –
Friendly staff and Dr. Edwin Kok was very gentle when doing the treatment. Highly recommended!!!

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