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It is understandable that every of us would like to keep our own teeth, even though the tooth is broken, we would like to keep them.  But in reality, there are so many reasons a tooth might needs to be taken out. Mostly a tooth has to be taken out because of serious tooth infection, a very mobile tooth, a large cavity beyond repair, large cracked tooth, and many more other reasons. If a tooth needs to be extracted, it is best to have it extracted so that it doesn’t harm your health. Your health is so much more important than the infected tooth.

​What Happens After Extracting a Tooth?

  • Bone will not grow back original.
  • Bone will lose vertical and horizontal height.
  • Nearby teeth shift, move to missing tooth space.
  • May cause infection of other teeth.
  • Jaw bone shrinks in height and width.
  • Sinus above upper jaw bone changes size – thinner.
  • Bone may be too thin for implant placement and may need extensive bone grafting, which increase cost tremendously.

How to Prevent That From Happening?

After extraction, perform a socket preservation to better preserve the structure of the bone height and width. To get better bone formation inside of the socket, bone will be placed inside the socket of the extracted tooth with a collagen placed on top of it to promote better healing. It takes around 4-6 months for the bone to heal.

After 4-8 months of healing, place a dental implant in the area of extracted tooth. If this is not done the bone will collapse again. Dental Implant is still the best way to preserve the bone structure. Dental Implant will last a long time if taken care properly.

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