Misconceptions About Dental Implants

By: Smileway Dental

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In this today’s blog, we will focus on the misconceptions about dental implants. Most patients when visiting a dental clinic would have multiple questions when it comes to dental implants. That is why we are here today to actually address some of these concerns and most of the questions patients present with. To be frank, dental implants has been with us for many years and due to advancement in technology, dental implants have become a norm in replacing missing teeth. This is because with proper planning and techniques use, the success rates of dental implants are very high and the qualities of dental implant have improved through time.

1. All Dentist can place dental implants.

Technically it is right and it is true that all dentists can place an implant if they want to. Some Doctors prefer not to place implants which other prefer to do so, because it takes a lot of planning. However, most of the dental schools do not provide enough training for the proper and save way to perform the procedures. This is because the success rate of the dental implants also depends on the proper planning, techniques, and procedure used. Placing a dental implant properly will allow your dental implant to last a long time. In our dental clinic, doctors have taken training and hundreds of hours of studying and years of experience to place a dental implant properly that last a long time.

2. Dental Implants are painful.

​The surgical procedures to place an implant do have a slight post-operative pain involved, but most patients say that the pain is no worse than just an extracted tooth. We have patients that do not even feel any pain during and after the procedure. You should not feel any pain during the procedure, this is because your dentist will use anesthesia to make the procedure more comfortable. After the procedure, your dentist will also prescribe you with some medications to help in healing and also to reduce the discomfort you might have.

3. Dental Implant is only to replace 1 missing tooth.

Many people believe that dental implant is only to replace 1 missing tooth. And what happen when I have 3 missing teeth in a row. The truth is that you do not need to have 1 implant for every tooth missing. There are times where our dentist will recommend you to have 2 implants but with 3 teeth attach to it. It is just like a dental bridge and instead of having two teeth to support 3 prosthetic teeth; you have 2 implants supporting 3 teeth.  If there are no teeth at the jaw, there are times where 4 or 6 implants would be place inside of the mouth to support a full denture or a full dental bridge, giving you teeth at the whole jaw. There are many ways to properly use dental implants to replace missing teeth, and dental implants can replace more than 1 missing teeth if it is in the right conditions.

4. Dental Implants are expensive. 

As a dentist I do get this statement a lot in my practice. The cost may seem expensive, but if you consider your dental health in the future, dental implants are a cost effective and much reliable way to replace missing teeth. Leaving missing teeth unattended may cause complications like dental decays, sensitive teeth, bone shrinkage and drifting of the teeth, which may be more costly to fix in the future. Your health is more important than money, and the complications for not keeping healthy can cause a serious problem to our body. So this is why in our clinic we only use Save and High Quality Dental Implants, meaning dental implants which have gone through multiple testing, research, and have good track records. We have equipped ourselves with great implants and great techniques to give you safe implants at an affordable cost. Our current implant is only Rm4500 per implant, and on top of that there is a 10% discount.

5. Dental Implants can be done in 1 day.

To place a dental implant only takes 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the severity of the case. However the Tooth which sits on the implant can only be done after 4 months. This is because; when an implant is placed into your jaw bone it takes time for the bone to form attachment to the implant, holding the implant stable. Only once the dental implant is stable, we then can place a tooth on top of it. Once the implant is stable, it will last longer. But, there are times where we are able to perform an immediate implant. This is where a tooth is extracted and immediately on the same day a dental implant is placed.

Well, these are some of the main questions we get from our patients. If you would like to know more about how we can help, do drop by and visit us. You can always ask us about anything by sms, email, call us or even write at the comment below.

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Stella Yeap
Stella Yeap
Good dental clinic and good Doctor and nurses
Siew Jing Loh
Siew Jing Loh
Very gentle doctor and resonable Price 👍👍
Malcolm Elliott
Malcolm Elliott
After 25 years of trying to find a good dentist in KL have finally found one that is well equiped, knowledgable, skilled and good value. Lovely staff. The only downside is the parking but if you park ay MainPlace and walk across then it’s easy. Update 2022…I am still using this excellent dentist as they remain the best I have experienced over the past 26 years… Dentists, nurses, reception and equipment all top notch… Highly recommended.
Syabas Saga
Syabas Saga
Valerie Choong
Valerie Choong
Highly recommend Dr Edwin! He is a very patient and gentle. Tip top service.
Mc Tech Solutions
Mc Tech Solutions
Calm & Done, Smileway have My 5Star
Mohammad Fazri Mohd Fatimi -
Mohammad Fazri Mohd Fatimi –
Friendly staff and Dr. Edwin Kok was very gentle when doing the treatment. Highly recommended!!!

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