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Gum disease is a serious gum infection that damage the gums and without treatment can destroy the bone that supports your teeth. 

Gum disease can cause teeth to loosen or lead to tooth loss. Gum disease is very common, and it usually go unnoticed until late stages of the disease. It is preventable during early stages. 


What causes gum disease?

Bad habits such as smoking make it harder for gum tissue to repair itself.
Poor oral hygiene habits such as not brushing and flossing on a daily basis, make it easier for tartar to form. 

These TWO are the main causes of gum disease.

Family history of dental disease can be a contributing factor for the development of gingivitis.
Certain Illness may affect the condition of your gums. For example diabetic patient and patient with diseases that affect the immune system.


What are the symptoms of gum disease?

  1. Gums that bleed during and after tooth brushing.
  2. Red, swollen, or tender gums.
  3. Persistent bad breath or bad taste in mouth.
  4. Receding gums.


How can gum disease be prevented?

Stop smoking
Tobacco use is a significant risk factor for development of periodontitis. Smokers are 7 times more likely to get gum disease and smoking can lower the chances of success of some treatment.

Maintain good oral hygeine
Brush at least twice per day and floss everyday.

Maintain a well-balanced diet
Proper nutrition can helps your immune system fight infection. Eating antioxidants high food like fruits and vegetable can help your body repair damaged tissue (in this case the gums).

Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth
This actions may put excess force on the supporting tissues of teeth and could increase the rate at which the gums and bone surrounding your teeth are destroyed.

Reduce stress
Stress may make it difficult for your body’s immune system to fight off infection.

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Ritzza Kushairy
Ritzza Kushairy
Love the atmosphere and the consistency. Keep it up!
Mohd Ainul
Mohd Ainul
I recently had an appointment at Smileway Dental Clinic to address a persistent dental issue that had been causing me considerable discomfort. From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere of the clinic was warm and welcoming, which helped to alleviate some of my anxiety. Dr. Lisa took the time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly explain the procedure to me, which helped to alleviate my fears. Her calming demeanour and gentle approach immediately put me at ease. The surgery itself was surprisingly painless, thanks to Dr. Lisa's expertise and skillful technique. She was incredibly patient and attentive throughout the entire procedure, constantly checking in to make sure I was comfortable and pain-free. Overall, my experience at Smileway Dental Clinic was nothing short of exceptional. Dr. Lisa and her team exceeded my expectations in every way, providing me with top-notch dental care in a compassionate and supportive environment. I highly recommend Smileway Dental Clinic to anyone in need of dental services, especially those who may be anxious or fearful about visiting the dentist.
Sanober Alam
Sanober Alam
Dr Lisa is surely someone who is a really sweet doctor and will surely try to understand your problem. It’s is a good clinic! Thank you
luffy 93
luffy 93
good dentist..Dr.Lisa did my scaling..after scaling my teeth is cleaner compared to my previous dental clinic..recommended..will come again..😃👍
Jennifer Khoo
Jennifer Khoo
The response from time of my asking for an appointment (though last minute) was handled well. Staff was ensuring that if I couldn't make the 5pm appointed time then she offered to reschedule. So I did for the next day. Dr Edwin was super nice and gave options to see that my swollen due to infection gum was treated with care. I only visit this clinic because of its professionalism. Cheers guys and keep up the great job ! Thanks.
ida ida
ida ida
Jialing Yao
Jialing Yao
Dr. Edwin is a good and very patient dentist. The staff there is also very helpful.
Francis Lim
Francis Lim
People with dental phobia like me have an awareness that the fear is totally irrational, but with extensive experience in the field of dentistry, Dr Lisa provides efficient and compassionate patient care. I just had my tooth extraction this morning and it was painless.... Furthermore Dr Lisa are very attentive and explain things very thoroughly without pushing for unnecessary treatment. Thank you so much Dr Lisa 🙏
My regular clinic, Dr Edwin is very patient and professional. Nurse all so friendly and helpful.
Hamid BestRate
Hamid BestRate
The Dr's are very good and friendly.

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