10 Bad Foods For Your Teeth

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10 Bad Foods for Your Teeth 


Since you probably know how important your oral health is for your overall wellbeing, you are probably also aware of the importance of your diet for your oral health. The saying “You are what you eat” rings truer and truer and when it comes to dental health it’s even more important than usual. 


  1. Sugar

We all know what plaques evil minions are – sugars. These are the main culprits as far as our mouth is concerned as they are personally responsible for enamel erosion, tooth decay and pretty much all dental problems.  


  1. Gummies 

You might be surprised that gummies made the list––after all, they’re often marketed as being relatively healthier snack options. Unfortunately, they’re not very good for you. Not only is sugar often one of the main ingredients in these foods, they also leave sticky little traces in the crevices of your teeth, allowing sugar to attack your teeth and gums long after you’ve finished eating. 


  1. Biscuits andChips 

It doesn’t matter whether these are the sweet or savoury kinds; they top the list when it comes to the worst foods for your teeth due to their sticky nature. 


  1. Acidic foods

You might have heard that water with lemon juice is the ideal way to kick-start your day, or that drinking a citrus-laced drink can be a good way to balance your body’s pH. While it’s definitely a nice way to hydrate and a good source of vitamin C, drinking water flavored with straight citrus juice throughout the day is not the best move when it comes to oral health.Our teeth are protected by a strong layer of enamel. An acidic oral environment can damage this precious tooth enamel, leaving nerve endings exposedresulting in sensitive teeth. Lemon juice, citrus fruits, tomatoes, alcohol, and coffee are all highly acidic and best consumed mindfully, be it consuming them raw or as a drink. 


  1. Bread

Saliva breaks down the starches in bread into sugar. The sugars with its sticky nature tend to stick to crevices of teeth, causing cavities. Therefore, try to go for less-refined varieties like whole wheat. These contain less added sugars and aren’t as easily broken down. 


  1. Energy drinks

Some of the drinks we consume in the quest for health and vitality are actually some of the least beneficial when it comes to oral health. The sports drinks or energy drinks you might utilize to help get you through your marathon training or cardio workout may be packed full of refined sugar, sweeteners, and acidic ingredients, which are likely to wear down tooth enamel. 


  1. Protein bars and granola

While you may find that granola and protein bars often fall into the “healthy food” section of the grocery store, they’re often not as good for you as the packaging might imply. Despite promises of natural sugars, a high protein content, and plant-based ingredients, lots of these foods are actually chock full of natural sugars, grains, and sticky dried fruits, which, as we’ve already seen, aren’t great for your teeth. 


  1. Alcohol

While alcohol can be an enjoyable addition to your days, it’s not ideal for your teeth. Apart from the fact that alcohol is highly acidic and full of sugar, it also has a diuretic effect on the body, which is why you wake up after a few drinks feeling like you’ve been chewing on sandpaper. Our mouths naturally produce saliva, which promotes a healthy bacterial balance by creating conditions that help beneficial bacteria thrive and also reduces plaque build-up, but alcohol consumption inhibits this saliva production. 



  1. Coffee and tea

It’s no surprise that if you want to keep your teeth sparkling white, coffee is not your best beverage option. It can be tempting to over-brush your teeth after consuming a cup of in an attempt to avoid staining, but this can be counterproductive, as excessive brushing causes wear on your teeth especially near the gum line. 


  1. Ice

Ice itself is fine, until you start crunching it. Tooth enamel is tough, but it can be hard to completely avoid the sugars and acids that weaken it. Therefore, an idle ice chewing might potentially lead to painful, problematic cracks. 


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