Different Types Of Teeth In Your Oral Cavity

By: Smileway Dental

Different types of teeth in your oral cavity


  • Incisors are the front teeth present in the mouth
  • There are central and lateral incisors in both upper and lower jaw
  • Central incisors are larger than lateral incisors
  • Used to cut food when we are eating to break down food into smaller pieces


  • Canines are sharp teeth that resemble vampire teeth or fangs
  • Present in both upper and lower jaw
  • Canines are cornerstone of the mouth and is very important for tearing food
  • Canines are long tooth which makes them very strong and suitable to be used as supporting tooth
  • Canines are also very important for maintaining good aesthetics


  • Premolars are present between molar and canines
  • Premolars are used to break down food further to help in digestion
  • Premolars may contain 1 or 2 roots


  • The biggest and bulkiest teeth in the oral cavity
  • Most effective teeth in grinding food and helps us digest food better
  • There are 12 molars in the oral cavity but some people may have less
  • Molars may have 2 to 3 roots which makes it very stable and strong

Each type of teeth aids in breaking down food and maintains good esthetics of the face. If one of the teeth were to be lost due to unforeseen circumstances, the teeth will need to be replaced to return all teeth to its original effective state. When all teeth are present in the oral cavity, we are able to eat efficiently and maintain our overall health as well as maintaining or even improving our esthetics and appearances. At Smileway Dental Clinic, we aim to preserve and create smiles that matter.

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Stella Yeap
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Siew Jing Loh
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Malcolm Elliott
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Syabas Saga
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Valerie Choong
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Mc Tech Solutions
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