Top 10 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

By: Smileway Dental

There are times where we cannot resist the food we take, but just keep in mind that some of them can damage our teeth.  So listed here are worst foods that can actually damage your teeth. But doesn’t mean that we stop eating them, it just means we take precautions not to over eat. It is actually very simple, as any food that contains sugar or acid will actually damage your teeth.

1. Processed Carbohydrates.  (White Bread or White Rice)

Carbohydrates can be breakdown into sugars. When you eat processed carbohydrates your saliva actually break carbohydrates to sugar. For example if you are eating biscuits or crackers all day you are constantly keeping sugar in your mouth which can cause continuous damage to it. Sugar is bad for your teeth because the bacterial in your mouth actually eats the sugar and create acid which will damage your teeth structure. That is the main reason for dental decay.

2.  Soda. (Coca Cola, Sprite, Mountain Dew and So on)

It is sometimes hard to reduce them as in the environment we live in can be very hot and these drinks are available almost everywhere. Sodas contain acid which can weaken your teeth and cause dental decays. After all you can always drink it using a straw to limit the soda’s contact to your teeth. You can always swap sodas with water.

3. Hard Candies. (Skittles, Mentos, Werther’s Original, Cough Drops etc)

Well, what can I say. They are candies and are totally made up of sugar, and since they are hard, it would take time to finish them. Putting these in your mouth all the time is like adding sugar to your teeth. Thus, if biting too hard, can cause your teeth to crack. Best put them aside or reduce them in your daily routine.

4. ICE

Although Ice is sugar free, but they are not meant to be chewed as they are meant to chill your drinks. You will be surprised how many people chew ice. Chewing on Ice can leave your teeth vulnerable to tooth cracks. So enjoy Ice in a chilled drink, don’t bite it.

5. Citrus Intake. (Lemonade, Lemon, Lime, Sour Oranges, etc)

Basically these foods contain acid, and frequent exposure to these can erode your enamel, which is the outer surface of the tooth, making your teeth more susceptible to dental decay over time. Although Citrus Food are good for our health, but do not over consume. We always think that adding lemon to our bottle of water is good. Well, it is good for your overall health but not your teeth as you are consuming it constantly. If you prefer having lemon in your drink, please use a straw. After having citrus foods or drinks, make sure you drink plenty of plain water to wash it out.

6. Sticky Foods. (Raisins, Dried Fruits, Gummy Bears, etc)

Some sticky foods like raisins and dried fruits have a lot of nutrition inside them and that is why we take them. However they are also packed with sugar and cellulose fiber which it can actually stick to your teeth. In another words, the sugar will stay in your teeth for a longer period of time. Having them sticking to your teeth all day can cause massive damage to your teeth. If you still crave for them, try to brush your teeth or chew a sugarless chewing gum after you have consumed them.

7. Pasta Sauce, Curry, Coffee, Black Tea, and Wine

These foods actually stain your teeth as our outer surfaces of the teeth are vulnerable to dark colors and easily absorb dark colors. This is the main reason why we have staining teeth. Thus the acidity from wine and pasta sauce can cause weaken our teeth. If you drink alcohol beverages often you will find out that saliva flow is reduced by time, which can lead to decay and infection. So after enjoying these, please swish you mouth with plenty or water or brush your teeth.

8. Potato Chips and Popcorn.

We love to have them when we are at the cinema. Who doesn’t love them, they are nice, satisfying and they are crunchy. But Potatoes are filled with starch and can trap to your teeth. Popcorn can wedge between your teeth and increase bacterial growth. If you are not careful popcorn contains kernels which can break your teeth. So try not to have them so frequently or you can brush your teeth or chew a sugarless chewing gums to remove the debris.

9. Vinegar

Lots of us tend to put a lot of vinegar in our cooking or even for salad dressings and other sauce. Vinegar can increase your chance of tooth erosion and if nothing is done, it can cause sensitivity to your teeth. Research has said that adding lettuce in your diet can actually prevent the vinegar damaging your teeth. So have lettuce in your salad with vinegar or wash your mouth right after the meal.

10. Chocolates

Wow. Chocolates are great but we all know chocolates contain lots of sugar and they can be sticky to your teeth. Not only that, some chocolates may be flavored with others which can stain your teeth. So if you cannot resist the temptation of chocolates, try dark chocolates instead as they are not as bad as those creamy chocolates. This is because some research has pointed out that dark chocolates have some antioxidants that can inhibit the growth of the bacteria in your mouth which cause dental decays. But best is reducing it or brush and wash your teeth after consuming chocolates.

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